"Lali Yuranda here for some actions!"-Lali

Lali is an average 16 years old tomboy.She loves actions and games.


Name:Lali Yuranda.


Birthplace:Zazumi City,Japan



DOB:June 8


Danny Yuranda(Dad)

Miki Yuranda(Mom)

J.J and DJ Yuranda (Brothers)Sam Yuranda(Sister)


Lali was born in Zazumi City,Japan.She attended to an academy.She joined in a baseball club and loved it there.She was really good with baseball and was promoted to be the manager of the club.She approved it and did her job.She was happy everyday until the day her parents decided to move.Lali didnt want to so she discuss with her parents.

Lali turns out that she will be living with one of her friends in Zazumi City.That friend was named Kyousuke.Both starts develop feelings for them.After a month,Lali confessed to him."I really like you and I hope this doesnt ruin our friendship."Lali confessed.Kyousuke chuckled and told her his feelings as well.They giggled and held hands.They have been dating from there to right now.


Lali is an average girl and a tomboy type.She is a B person and a well-known student.She is rather hot-headed.She usually thinks of her friends before herself.She is friendly and agressive torward those who are selfish to her friends.

Likes and Dislikes:Edit

She likes baseball and basketball.She mostly loves baseball since its in her blood.She also loves P.E since its all about getting worked up and sports...She however dislikes spiders and flies.She hates being annoyed and being an ignorance.Lali likes being around with people.Not alone.


  • Lali was inspired by one of my classmates


Kyousuke:They both are a love interest to each other.They are now in a relationship

DJ:They both are siblings and friendly rivals when it comes to games.They usually have a competition of who wins and who doesnt.

Sam:They both are siblings and are like best friends.They will stick up for each other no matter what is the problem and how risky it is.

J.J:They are siblings who likes competition and join together as teams when it comes to battling other people.They are a great gaming team when it comes to game battle.